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Baclofen for Opiate addiction

Baclofen can be used to safely treat heroin and opiate addiction as described in this post in a drugs forum: My recipe for Baclofen to withdraw from opiates***I am not a medical professional, and the information below is based on my own lengthy experience with withdrawals. I have no idea if it will work for … Continue reading

Dr. Olivier Ameisen’s book, Heal Thyself

Dr. Olivier Ameisen’s book, Heal Thyself This is the re-release of Dr. Ameisen’s book detailing his escape from alcoholism.  It is a riveting read and is a must for anyone who is suffering from alcoholism or knows someone who is.

Brain imaging- How Baclofen works in addiction

Brain imaging- How Baclofen works in addiction This is an excellent description of the mechanism behind addiction and the role of baclofen in calming addictive craving

Help with alcoholism

If you have come here for the first time, you may wish to go to our section on prescribing which contains thePrescribing Guide for baclofen published by doctors in France.  If you are looking for a doctor to help you we have a section on how to find a doctor.   Those wanting to find support … Continue reading

Baclofen World Forum on Alcohlism and Addiction

Baclofen World Forum on Alcohlism and Addiction This is a link to a sister site which contains a wealth of information about baclofen for alcohol and addiction.