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Gabapentin for alcoholism

Here is a director of the Scripps institute explaining how Gabapentin can be used for alcoholism: Advertisements

Rehab clinics are now using Baclofen

The article below is from a site entitled "The World’s Best Rehab Clinics": Alcoholism ranks in the top five most common diseases within the United States and across the world. This disease takes a considerable toll on individuals, families and communities. Mounting economic costs are associated with combating its effects as a whole. For these … Continue reading

Alcoholism Cured By Anti-seizure Drugs

Alcoholism Cured By Anti-seizure Drugs Christine Hsu Update Date: Apr 17, 2014 07:08 PM EDT (Photo : Photo:Flickr/scragz) Anti-seizure medication may cure alcoholism, according to researchers. Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine found that the anti-seizure drug ezogabine, helped reduce alcohol consumption in a new study. Researchers believe the latest findings may help pave … Continue reading

Link between autism and alcoholism

Autistic Traits Linked to Alcoholism Christine Hsu Update Date: May 02, 2014 06:14 PM EDT (Photo : Ali Jarekji/Reuters) Autism can increase a person’s risk of alcoholism. New research reveals that young adults with autistic tendencies are more likely than their peers to develop alcohol problems. While young adults with autistic traits are less likely … Continue reading